Platter Rentals

15" oval platter
15 inch oval platter

Rectangular platters: 15', 11" and 10"
Rectangular platters
15, 11, and 10 inch
15" rectangular platter
15 inch rectangular platter
11" rectangular platter
11 inch rectangular platter
10" rectangular platter
10 inch rectangular platter

11.5" silver serving spoon
11.5 inch silver serving spoon
10" silver salad tong
10 inch silver salad tong
8.5" silver tong
8.5 inch silver tong
7" tong
7 inch tong

Early Beginnings
A passion for good food led me to begin Willow Camp Catering in 1987. My first kitchen was in Stinson Beach (West Marin) California. I became a leading caterer for weddings, events, and film crews in the Bay Area.

In the early 2000's I became involved in the Slow Food / Buy Local movement. I sourced from the absolute best of local bakeries, wineries, creameries and organic farms within 45 minutes of the Willow Camp Kitchen.

My cooking evolved with the seasons and the exquisite taste of freshness. My art became the display of my outstanding ingredients, appealing to the taste of my clients. Food is at the core of any great event. Coupled with our unique ingredients, our record of excellence in cooking and service deliver the fabulous center of your special day.

Local Cuisine
When I relocated to Central Oregon in 2010 I made it my mission to see just what local food and beverage was available. What I have found is a wealth of quality, delicious foods grown by dedicated and committed people. I have been fortunate enough to join forces with Sarahlee and Ashanti at Rainshadow Organics to bring you the freshest, most delicious food available.

Rainshadow Organics is a family farm, devoted to raising good food for their community. They raise over 50 varieties of vegetables and microgreens as well as eggs, chicken, and pork. They also raise whole grains that they stone-mill into flour. And lastly, they raise a wild assortment of flowers for arrangements. Their vegetables are heirloom varieties and their livestock are heritage breeds. All is of the highest quality and I am passionate about preparing these delicacies in mouth watering ways.

Our Mission Is Fresh
Rainshadow is a Slow Food Farm that stands at the crossroads of ecology and gastronomy, ethics and pleasure. As my close neighbors here in Terrebonne, I am in the field throughout the seasons. I carefully pick my herbs and own garnishes. Together we reconnect diners to the land right here in Central Oregon.

Special Offerings for Rainshadow Organics Members

Willow Camp Catering is offering exclusive events in the gardens at Rainshadow for members only. If you are looking for an intimate candlelit dinner or a quaint lunch, I can roll out a true farm to table meal catered for your occasion.

Let's Work Together
Give the gift of good food to your guests. We strive to provide the freshest, locally sourced food and beverage. Let us work with you to create a healthy, memorable event. Whether it's a small family gathering or a wedding for 200+ we're happy to work with you to put together a custom menu using the best of all seasonal foods.

My experience in catering events, parties and weddings will help you plan the perfect day, from start to finish. My local crew of servers, bartenders and BBQ people are friendly and professional. They will help take the stress and worry out of any event.

If you are a film or photo crew, we can design the same healthy, delicious meals for you too.

Willow Camp Catering employees

I look forward to hearing from you.
Wendy DiPaolo
(541) 923-8675